Beverage market.

In our beverage market we have a permanent assortment of over 350 items and offer our customers a wide selection of beer from many well-known breweries, exquisite selection of wines, sparkling wines and Champagnes, and various domestic and international spirits.

Additionally, we offer regional and international mineral waters, soft drinks with all kinds of flavors, as well as high quality juices and spritzers.

Gastronomy customers.

Gastronomy customers.

For the gastronomy sector, in addition to supplying our full range of products, we also offer extensive consulting and other industry services.

To ensure optimal offer and supply, we work closely with many breweries and producers of mineral waters and lemonades.

In this way, we can ensure that our excellent and successful partnership with our gastronomes.

All of our extensive range of spirits, wine, sparkling wine and trendy drinks is offered in this program to serve any customer wishes.

Whatever your event is at a pub, bar, pub, restaurant, club or party we can deliver!